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Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

Tewari De-Ox Systems has invented and patented an oxygen scavenging packaging technique for greatly extending the shelf life of meat and poultry processed in a centralized meat packing operation. Our solution is unlike any other, capable of increasing shelf life of meat products by completely eradicating oxygen content surrounding the meat. The Tewari De-Ox systems’ Zero-OxTech® [US & International Patents Pending] accomplishes longer shelf lives for all proteins [red meat as well as poultry] by focusing on preserving the enzymatic activity of the meat muscle that prevents the meat from discoloring and otherwise deteriorating, in addition to synergistic effects delaying microbial growth.

Mississippi State University: Evaluation of overwrapped beef strip steaks packaged in a mother­
bag case-ready system utilizing Tewari Zero-OxTech TM System


How your business benefits the red meat industry?

Tewari’s Zero-OxTech offers several weeks of shelf-life during distribution and several days at the retail-shelf, thereby giving the red meat industry to centralize their operations and expand to untouched territories. Shelf-life offered by Tewari’s process is as follows: 
Shelf-life                                                    Tewari’s Zero-OxTech®
Storage/Distribution days                          70 to 105 days
Retail Display                                            5 to 9 days±
Meat color                                                 Red

What innovative new products/services are you working on?

The Tewari system eliminates the need for vacuum packaging of store ready packaged fresh meat. Steaks, chops and other cuts of fresh meats can actually be shipped pre-packaged in “CONVENTIONAL FOAM-TRAYS” as store ready packs without the need for vacuum packaging. Equipment that is already in most packers’ processing lines can be used so that no additional capital is required. This is totally different than any other oxygen scavenging processes now in the market. Additionally, none of these processes reduce total oxygen to ABSOLUTE ZERO PPM levels like the Tewari De-Ox system.

Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

Dr. Gaurav Tewari, ‘Doc’, President & CEO

Doc is a Food Process Chemical Engineer, with 24+ years of Global Food Industry experience. He holds Bachelor of Engineering from GB Pant University [India] and Masters and PhD in Food Process Chemical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada. Gaurav received Vice-Chancellor’s Gold Medal for obtaining highest GPA in his BTech Program with the GB Pant University [India] and received President’s Grant and Scholarships for his graduate studies with the University of Manitoba. A key accomplishment in his career is his invention of the “ZERO-OxTech” processing System (US & International Patents Pending), which is targeted to be commercialized for GLOBAL Meat Operations for extending shelf-life of case-ready meats in centralized meat distribution system.

Doc also worked as VP-Operations, Director-Plant Operations, Director-Quality; Director-Operations; Research Engineer; Senior Research Scientist; Adjunct Professor of Engineering; Vice-President & President of (Global Operations) with different institutions and companies, such as Marcatus QED, Sargent Farms, Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd., University Of Manitoba, Lacombe Meat Research Centre, University Of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, United States Food & Drug Administration’s The National Centre for Food Safety and Technology [Chicago, IL], University of Guelph, Guelph Food Technology Centre, and ESL Global [Texas, USA].

Doc has over 50 publications (refereed and non-refereed) and over 100 presentations in national and international conferences. He also wrote a book, titled “Advances in Thermal and Non-Thermal Food Preservation” (Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, Iowa, USA), which is being used as a reference in several R&D institutions in different part of the world. Doc is passionate about innovations in Food and related sectors and is an expert to take a process from inception to full scale global commercialization and is currently working towards commercializing his Zero-OxTech® process for global meat industry. He is an extra-brilliant individual with an IQ of 180, and is a compassionate human being working towards building orphanage for ostracized girls in North India.

Contact Information

Gaurav Tewari, MS & PHD
Phone: 1-844-4-ZERO-OX [1-844-493-7669]

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