Meet Associate Member: Peter Stein Food Safety Solutions Inc.

Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

Peter Stein Food Safety Solutions Inc. (PSFSS Inc.) is about helping Canadian Food Processors avoid Food Safety Risk to your Brand and Business. We will confirm your Food Safety risk level as being low, OR identify any Risk you do have and help eliminate it on YOUR-TIME and not CFIA’s time.  Avoiding the costs of a product-loss, recall, product withdrawal, customer loss, and regulatory intervention. All can take control of your business out of your hands.

As Entrepreneurs you focus on the profitable growth of your business. A Food Safety issue is your Biggest Risk to your business and the Entrepreneurial process. Arguably even more so than your competition.

This is what we do:

  • We – Confirm as a 3rd-party consultant that all your current food safety programs are working properly and your risk is under control, assuring your Food Safety “Peace-of-Mind!”
  • We – prioritize companies who unfortunately are already in a Recall, Product Loss, Withdrawal or shelf-life failure scenario.
  • Working together with you we help find the cause and source of the Risk quickly, and then control it, develop procedures together to eliminate the source, verify that the corrective actions are effective. Then we do on the floor training on the new changes, implement a monitoring program to ensure this scenario will not happen again.
  • We – also react quickly to companies who are not necessarily in recall but have found or received poor testing results. We help evaluate the first step reaction to the product and process, when and how to tell regulator, then control the risk in the plant by working together to develop effective procedures to eliminate the cause and verify that the corrective actions are effective.
  • We – help you minimize mandated Regulatory Intervention, find and eliminate the risk and get your plant and production back up and running ASAP DURING & AFTER a Recall, Product Loss event, or poor test results.
  • We can typically get quick feedback on most situations involving CFIA and HC and often USDA & FDA.
  • We can also deal with your CFIA IIC/VIC inspectors and regional offices for you.
  • We – can review and advise you on “Recall Team Management”, Regulatory Impact reduction and Traceability.
  • We – do Training: Lots & lots of training (dozens of typical titles available)
  • We – do PCP (HACCP/PRP) Systems Review to meet current regulatory requirements and minimize regulatory intervention. Specifically ensuring your programs meet requirements and do not over commit you to scrutiny and stumble-ons.
  • We – do GFSI – BRC & SQF program review & implementation, certification audit preparation, internal audits, audit assistance, and help in implementation of programs both on the floor in the plant, including paper control.
  • We – do Food Safety Audits – In House and on all shifts including operations, sanitation, set-up, Pre-Op, & start-up.
  • We – Evaluate Shelf-Life stability Issues and work together to troubleshoot and resolve what is affecting your shelf life results. We can also advise you on how to increase your current declared shelf life.
  • We – Troubleshoot Import/Export Issues
  • We – do 3rd-party Food Safety and compliance audits for your – Supplier’s
  • We – help you get SFCR Licensing (My-CFIA & Ask-CFIA)

Describe how your business benefits the red meat industry.

  • We help the red meat industry in Canada produce safe and consistent products for their customers/consumers. We evaluate and present recommendations through proven activity that only takes them forward in food safety making the best use of budgets already in place. We quickly eliminate cost that has no value in the process of becoming a Best Practice Food Safety Culture based producer.
  • As we all know when one company has a Food Safety issue the entire industry can be affected. By being pro-active or limiting the reach of a recall we limit the exposure of the producer and of the industry. That’s a win-win for all. We can help prevent a recall or limit the public exposure of a recall.
  • By making processors more aware of their risks to their brands and bottom line we hope to help shift them to move toward a true “Food Safety Culture” that once in place and has become a reflex, will allow them to then fully focus on growth and profitability – Safely!
  • If a processor is already in Food Safety difficulty we can be a partner in gaining control back quickly, reducing the impact to the business and make sure it can’t happen again. They are not alone in this difficult time we are there with them ensuring all steps will take them forward and out of problems.

What innovative new products/services are you working on?

  • On-Line training, including customized facility specific-needs training.
  • On-Site audits focusing on sanitation, operational sanitation, pre-op, set-up, start-up and production including GMP’s. We know your business and challenges from being in it for a combined 90+ years.
  • Review of Corporate QA/Structure with Best Practice advice provided
  • Helping with CFIA/SFCR’s Licencing process, and entry into the US Export Approved Facility List
  • Interpretation and guidance of the SFCR’s specific to a facilities current and future product ideas.
  • Reviewing PCP’s ensuring requirements are met but not over committed, simplification.
  • Food Safety Culture, a new SQF Code-9 requirement. What does it really mean and how to get there?

Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

Our team has a combined 95+ years of QA, HACCP, GFSI and Food Safety experience in the red meat and poultry industries in Canada. We have extensive experience in writing HACCP, PRP, PCP and GFSI programs, procedures and sop’s in preparation for CFIA and 3rd party audits which we coordinate and manage. I can proudly say that during the combined 95+ years of experience none of us have had a recall while we were in charge of QA and Food Safety wherever we worked. We also have a unique way of approaching a customer’s challenges as a team and although we have our specialties we are up to the minute informed about regulatory requirements in the Meat Industry in Canada. To see our Bio’s please check out our website.

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Name: Peter Stein
Position: Owner/Consultant       
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The A-Team:

Name: Peck Yap
Prime Quality Safe Food Solutions Inc.
Position: Owner/ Consultant/Associate

Name: Jessie Chiu
Company: Food Safety First Inc.
Position: Owner/Consultant/Associate