Meet Associate Member: Giraffe Foods

Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

Giraffe Foods is a private label, custom manufacture r for sauces, dips, dressings, and marinades. We work with industrial, retail, and food service partners to develop, produce, package, and provide value add, complimentary products to our customers.        

Describe how your business benefits the red meat industry.

Giraffe Foods works closely with the meat industry to provide a differentiating value-add to their products. Our R&D team offers insightful trends and exciting flavour options to engage customers. With diverse packaging capabilities, Giraffe Foods presents the meat industry with flexibility and convenience. We are a full-service trusted partner, from ideation to launch.

What innovative new products/services are you working on?

Our chefs and food scientists are on the pulse for the trends in the global market. We pay attention to what customers are familiar with, open to, and exploring. In our kitchens, new peppers and unique flavour profiles are being experimented with, to help our clients be leaders in their industry.

Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

Our team is passionate about food. They keep up to date with trends in the market, as well as changes in regulations and certification procedures. Giraffe Foods is aware of the industry’s best practices. Our team listens to the needs of our clients and their customers, and takes the time to find optimal solutions to their problems. Their competencies shine in their approach to matching products, meeting requirements, and innovating flavours. In a partnership with Giraffe, clients have access to our expertise in food trends and manufacturing. Our staff communicate with our clients, and are easily accessible to address any issues that arise. From production, to packaging, to shipping, we work safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Contact Info

Name: Mike Kagan