Meet Associate Member: IFANCC/Halal Canada

Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada (IFANCC) is one of the leading not for profit Halal certifying organizations offering Halal certification and supervision services in Canada. IFANCC/Halal Canada is accredited by multiple international organizations to make it easy for Canadian Halal products manufacturers to export to Halal Markets around the globe. IFANCC/Halal Canada is also serving the Muslim community in Canada for their needs for Halal foods and knowledge of ongoing developments in the Halal food Industry. The list of our valued clients ranges from food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, Feed manufacturers, storage facilities, distributors, transporters and so on.


Describe how your business benefits the red meat industry.

Halal certification is the most important requirement for the export of halal products to any International Halal Market. The Most Recent IFANCC recognition, and the only in North America, is by Saudi Food and Drug Authority. This certification has opened a new window of business opportunities for our Canadian clients to export meat and meat products, not just to the Middle East/ Saudi Arabia, but also to most parts of the world. 

What innovative new products/services are you working on?

We are continually improving and updating our Quality Management System and Halal Standards to meet and comply with the requirements of any Halal Products importing country.

Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

Our strong team of religious scholars, qualified technical auditors, well-trained food inspectors and dedicated technical staff has not only given us a competitive edge among our competitors but has also made us a premium choice for food manufacturers looking for Halal certification in the food industry. IFANCC/ Halal Canada staff is available year-round to support our clients to avail of export opportunities to any part of the world, particularly the Middle East including Saudi Arabia.

Contact Info

Name:Dr. Muhammad Sabir Ali

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