Meet Associate Member: CSB-System North America

Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

CSB-System is the leading industry specialist for the process industries of Meat, food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and trade. As a one-stop provider of software, hardware, services and business consulting, we optimize the business processes of our customers and create significant competitive advantages with our CSB turnkey solution.

We believe that an ERP system should adapt to the development of your company, and not the other way round. The ERP is the heart of your IT and the central nervous system of tomorrow’s Smart Factory. Being the innovation partner of our customers, we have developed the CSB-System for 40 years now. INDUSTRY ERP, FACTORY ERP or BASIC ERP: The CSB-System meets all industry-specific requirements, is upward compatible and can be flexibly extended in the ways our customers choose.

Describe how your business benefits the red meat industry.

CSB is the ERP company that is specialized in the meat industry. Our founders were Master Butchers by trade and they have taken that deep knowledge and translated it into a business that understands the needs and complexities of the entire meat industry.  We directly benefit the red meat industry by providing specialized processes that directly benefit the red meat industry such as livestock management, cutting management and data collection, and traceability.

What innovative new products/services are you working on?

Mobile solutions and web based applications, MES and CIM.

Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

At CSB-System we hire people who believe in making a difference for our customers. They are passionate about food processing and food in general! Our team is curious, incisive and dedicated to supporting our customers through the process of selecting and implementing an ERP System. What sets our team apart from the competition is that we love to dig in, to deeply understand the individual business needs, we know that every business faces unique challenges and we pride ourselves on delivering solutions. As part of a global team, we’re constantly learning from other countries and we love to share those innovations and best practices with our customers.  We are invested in our customers’ success, we want to be more than a vendor, we want to be a true partner.

Contact Info

Nestor Plawiuk
website:  The ERP from the Industry Specialist | CSB-System