Labour shortage is critical – over 4,000 butcher positions vacant

Meat processors are facing a critical labour shortage. There are more than 4,000 empty butcher stations across Canada! This number is more than double the labour shortages in 2018. In Quebec, they are up to 40% job vacancy rate and Alberta approaching 20%.

  • There’s nothing temporary about jobs in our sector.

  • Our jobs are full-time, permanent and mostly all unionized. 

  • We always hire Canadians first.

  • The majority of our plants are unionized and therefore, a Canadian or a TFW have the same equal opportunities, pay and benefits.

  • We’re looking for the government to recognize that our sector needs a permanent program.

Some data on our sector:

      • National Annual Wage Increase: 5.30%
      • Vacancy Rate: 10.88%
      • Empty butcher stations: 4,166
      • Workforce Total: 34,097
      • TFW Butchers: 1,190
      • 2021 Total Number of Jobs (filled + unfilled) 38,263 vs. 22,821 in 2018. This is 15,442 more jobs available today than 3 years ago.
      • 2021 Current Workforce 34,097 vs. 21,102 in 2018.  This represents 12,995 more people working for meat plants today than in 2018.


If you are a Canadian looking for employment in our sector, please let us know.