Meet Associate Member: Field Effect

Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide.

Field Effect is a Canadian-based cyber security software company based in Ottawa, Canada with offices in the US, UK, and Australia.

Field Effect believes that businesses of all sizes deserve powerful cyber security solutions to protect them. Our threat detection, monitoring, and response (MDR) platform, along with our training and compliance products and services are the result of years of research and development by the brightest talents in the cyber security industry. Our solutions are purpose-built for SMBs and deliver sophisticated, easy-to-use and manage technology with actionable insights to keep you safe from cyber threats.

Products & Services 

  • Covalence® MDR platform: Covalence provides a holistic, end-to-end MDR solution, making it easy to understand, prioritize, and act on cyber threats to business operations. Covalence aggregates the data from multiple security events into prioritized reporting, helping businesses understand their threats as AROs. This removes alerting “noise” to show the threat alerts that matter with the context needed to resolve them. 
  • Cyber Range® security training and simulation platform: Cyber Range provides a cyber security training platform to simulate and run realistic threat scenarios and courses for hands-on learning and education. With just a secure Internet connection and web browser, IT teams can easily and quickly set up, stage, repeat, and reuse relevant and effective “Internet in a box” learning to prepare for real-world incidents.
  • Incident Response Services: Field Effect offers fast, expert incident response analysis, recovery, and preparation services. This helps businesses identify the cause of incidents, gain effective remediation and full recovery, and put planning in place to prepare for the unexpected and ensure business continuity.
  • vCISO service: Through Field Effect’s vCISO service, businesses can access C-level cyber security expertise on-demand to build strong, resilient security foundations. 

Describe how your business benefits the red meat industry.

Every business has sensitive data that they need to protect. But when it comes to cyber security protection, businesses often face a complex, confusing, and expensive range of solution options.

That’s why we designed our Covalence® MDR platform to be advanced and flexible enough to detect threats across the entire IT environment and provide actionable insights that improve security. 

At Field Effect, we’re making effective cyber security a reality. We believe every company, no matter the size or industry, should have access to excellent cyber security. Businesses shouldn’t need deep expertise in cyber security to understand what they are buying, how it protects them, and how to use it.

What innovative new products/services are you working on?

Covalence® is the first complete solution for monitoring, detecting, and responding to malicious cyber threats across every aspect of modern IT environments — networks, cloud services, endpoints, devices, and remote workers — from one platform. 

Its threat detection relies on sophisticated and proprietary sensor and monitoring capabilities — analytics, machine learning, algorithms, technologies, and human-led expertise — to measure, monitor, and detect constantly evolving threats and vulnerabilities. 

Tell us about your people. What sets them apart from your competition?

Field Effect includes the best experts, innovators and entrepreneurs in the cyber security industry. Our Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Matt Holland, is a recognized cyber security authority, former Five Eyes lead security researcher and proven entrepreneur.

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