Agri-Food Sector Regulatory Approach Needs Competitiveness, Growth and Innovation

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September 28 (Ottawa, ON) – For Canada to become one of the top five global competitors in the agri-food sector, and climb the ranking of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, it will take government leadership and industry support.

The Canadian Meat Council (CMC) is pleased to see the Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table’s recent report and recommendations for modernizing Canada’s regulatory approach so that competitiveness, growth and innovation, are considered, as key pillars in reaching the government’s ambitious objectives for growing the agri-food sector.
“The current regulatory system restricts our industry’s ability to innovate and compete. These recommendations will help pave the way for Canada to become more competitive on a global scale”, says Chris White, President of CMC. “By including innovation, growth and competitiveness as key considerations, regulations will be more flexible and allow the industry to adapt easier to change”.

By focusing on strategic improvements for making regulations nimbler, allowing industry more input, and working towards a partnership approach between industry and the whole of government, this will move the sector closer towards those ambitious goals.

“The acknowledgement by the government of the challenges we face, due to our regulatory burden, is a critical first step” added Mr White. “CMC will keep working with government partners to improve the system and grow the sector.”
Addressing specific challenges which will have a large impact on the food industry, such as working together to find other solutions that achieve the same outcomes for healthy eating strategies, is an important recommendation and something that industry expertise and experience can support immediately.

CMC fully supports the Agri-Food Economic Strategy Tables recommendations for a coordinated, industry-government approach to an updated regulatory system that promotes competitiveness, a focus on developing and diversifying Canada’s agri-food markets, investment in innovation, and a diverse, skilled labour force.