• Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy

    Advocating for consumer choice and practical regulation that relies on current and sound science to promote healthy eating. This includes regulations such as sodium reduction, marketing to kids, and front-of-pack labelling.

  • Inspection Services

    Acting as the liaison between industry and the inspectorate on matters such as CFIA service fees, ensuring consistent inspection across Canada, system updates, and relationship management.

  • Domestic Regulatory Review

    Improving the regulatory process so it is fair, practical and considers competitiveness on policies like traceability, specified-risk material in beef and by offering technical support (i.e. interpretation of Health Canada policies & CFIA guidance documents).

  • Market Access

    Working to minimize regulatory trade barriers and align regulatory requirements between Canada and trading partner.


CMC works with Ministers and officials from a broad spectrum of government departments and agencies, particularly Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada, and Global Affairs Canada.