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Losing dispute resolution a worry

Farmers are concerned about losing NAFTA’s Chapter 19, saying it has been valuable in their relations with the U.S.

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NAFTA dispute mechanism in jeopardy following U.S.-Mexico deal

Over the last three decades, the dispute resolution mechanism of the North American Free Trade Agreement has been used about 120 times.

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Drop front of package labelling focus

The country’s agriculture ministers recently met in Vancouver to discuss what will threaten and what will strengthen Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industries.

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How a bacteria-detecting strip of plastic film could help identify contaminated food

It’s impossible to tell if meat is contaminated with potentially deadly E. coli bacteria by simply smelling or looking at it, but one day a glance at the plastic packaging could let consumers know if it’s safe to eat. That’s the hope of a team of

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CMC Calls on Government to Make CPTPP Priority When Parliament Reconvenes

The Canadian Meat Council is calling on the Federal Government to move forward with ratification of the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership as quickly as possible when Parliament reconvenes in September.

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CMC Applauds Introduction of Legislation to Implement CPTPP

Canada’s red meat sector is hoping the federal government will ratify the Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement as soon as possible.

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Tried and True

Results from the newest Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) report Canadians are consuming more of their calories from protein than they did more than a decade ago. Fat consumption amongst adults increased slightly and there was a small decline in carbohydrates consumption.

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JBS executive heads Canadian Meat Council

David Colwell, president of JBS Canada whose main holding is the former XL Beef plant in Alberta, is the new chairman of the Canadian Meat Council.

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World health agency requests public input on fat

The World Health Organization is seeking public comment until June 1 on its recommendations to reduce consumption of saturated fatty acids and trans-fatty acids.

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Lobby wrap: Surrogacy agency wants feds to reverse ban on payments to surrogates

The Canadian Surrogacy Community wants Ottawa to decriminalize the act of paying surrogates to carry other people’s babies – and they recently hired a lobbyist to help them achieve that goal.

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Fallout from Trump-China tariffs will hurt Canadians

China’s tariff responses to the United States’ tariffs will have impacts on Canadians, such as soybean, pork and frozen beef exports. Given reduced Chinese purchases, U.S. exporters will be more aggressive in seeking other export markets, which will cut into Canadian exports.

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New Chinese tariffs will force Canada to defend against U.S. competition: producers

New Chinese retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods will cause global disruptions and force Canadians to defend their markets against heightened American competition, say soybean, meat and chemical producers.

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Ratification of CPTPP trade deal up in the air

Almost a month has passed since Canada ratified the CPTPP trade deal and there’s no sign yet that the government is ready to introduce implementing legislation to approve Canada’s participation in the Pacific trade pact.

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Chinese tariffs to cause disruptions

New Chinese retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods will cause global disruptions and force Canadians to defend their markets against heightened American competition, say soybean and meat producers.

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Government policies hinder international competitiveness of food companies

While the federal government wants the agrifood sector to boost exports to $75 billion, its policies create major roadblocks to reaching that goal, says Chris White, President and CEO of the Canadian Meat Council.

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