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Meet our Associate Member May Spotlight: TEWARI DE-OX SYSTEMS, INC.

Describe your business, your clients and the products/services you provide. Tewari De-Ox Systems has invented and patented an oxygen scavenging packaging technique for greatly extending the shelf life of meat and poultry processed in a centralized meat packing operation. Our solution is unlike any other, capable

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Losing dispute resolution a worry

Farmers are concerned about losing NAFTA’s Chapter 19, saying it has been valuable in their relations with the U.S.

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NAFTA dispute mechanism in jeopardy following U.S.-Mexico deal

Over the last three decades, the dispute resolution mechanism of the North American Free Trade Agreement has been used about 120 times.

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Drop front of package labelling focus

The country’s agriculture ministers recently met in Vancouver to discuss what will threaten and what will strengthen Canada’s agriculture and agri-food industries.

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How a bacteria-detecting strip of plastic film could help identify contaminated food

It’s impossible to tell if meat is contaminated with potentially deadly E. coli bacteria by simply smelling or looking at it, but one day a glance at the plastic packaging could let consumers know if it’s safe to eat. That’s the hope of a team of

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