Front of Pack Labels

Advocating for consumer choice and practical regulation that impacts health and not mandatory warning labels

Ensuring current and sound science is used to determine what nutrients are harmful to health and what tools are effective in improving Canadian’s health outcomes

Sodium Reduction

Working with government and industry stakeholders to maintain food safety through preservation with salts, while trying to reduce sodium use

Working towards availability of alternative ingredients to help reduce sodium and maintain food safety and consumer preference

Food Guide

Advocating for the nutritional importance of meat as part of a balanced diet

Highlighting new and emerging science on meat, protein, and saturated fats

CFIA Service Fees

Working with the meat and livestock supply chain to ensure quality service for fees paid to government, that are reasonable and don’t negatively impact competitiveness, growth and innovation of the meat industry


Working with CFIA to develop outcome based regulations that are reasonable and practical to implement for the meat industry

Working to inform a strategic partnership approach to foreign animal disease strategy and the national traceability system

Regulatory Review

Improving the regulatory process so it is fair, practical and considers competitiveness by highlighting strategies for improvement and regulatory burden and barriers to trade

Regulatory Cooperation

Consult with TBS on removing regulatory barriers and aligning regulations between Canada and trading partners, or within Canada (US, CETA, CFTA)