Eastern Meat Solutions

Etobicoke, ON

At Eastern Meat Solutions our Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) are service-oriented leaders in the industry. They do this by creating value for both our clients and vendors. In the commodity trading business, where the product is identical across different vendors and clients, price often becomes the decisive factor upon which potential vendors and clients base their decisions. As a best practices company, CRMs recognize that in addition to the best price, there are other valuable factors that save time, improve quality, lower costs and increase profits however, this value proposition is unique with every client. Since our vendors are the first link in the value chain, we develop a well-integrated relationship in order to improve efficiency and take advantage of new opportunities and services. Contact: Mr. Mark Ishoy Director - Customer Relationship Manager 19 Rangemore Rd. Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z 5H9 Tel: (416) 252-2791 Fax: (416) 525-2544